All you need to know about Milos including where to stay where to visit and how to get around the island. You won’t regret this adventure!

— Visited September, 2016 & September, 2020

The beautiful small fishing village of Firopotamos on the Greek island of Milos

We managed to save our summer of 2020 with a spontaneous trip to the magical Greek Islands. A place that screams summer certainly provided the trip that we were well in need of. One of the islands we visited during our trip was Milos. This island is a lesser-known gem with sites that we believe are some of the best through the entire Greek Archipelago.

This was our second time visiting this island, so we thought it’s time to share all our must-see spots for your next visit. We recommend that a minimum of 3 full days is allowed to truly absorb this island, but the more days you have the more you will fall in love with it.

I hope you enjoy… A Complete Guide to Exploring Milos.

Where to Stay on Milos

Wherever you stay on Milos, you aren’t going to be far away from the action. However, for the more quaint lifestyle, we recommend Pollonia. Away from the main shipping port, this is a peaceful town with a lovely street of restaurants overlooking the small fishing bay. It’s a great place to spend the evening with a nice meal and a glass of wine while you look back over the adventures from the day. A budget option in Pollonia is Jorgos Studios.

If you are planning to explore the island using Public Transport, we recommend staying in the port town of Adamas. With this being the central bus hub for the island, it’ll be the best place to base yourself to discover the island. There is a lot of budget options in Adamas including Aeolis Hotel.

If you want to live it up and stay in one of the old fishing huts, then you can’t look past Plaka. Have a look at the Dream Boathouse and find out just how idyllic this would be!

Milos’s Must Visits

In no particular order, the sites below are all a must visit while exploring the island of Milos. We recommend saving them all in Google Maps and then planning your itinerary around the island! We have no doubt you’ll want to visit a few of these sites twice during your stay, as once is not enough for the beauty you are to find here on Milos.


If you have seen an image of Milos, it was probably of the fascinating Sarakiniko beach. What can only be described as a moon-like landscape, this is a place that will forever stay on your mind. Whether you like exploring funky rock structures, jumping off tall cliff faces into the sea or even just lounging on warm surfaces, this place will leave an impression on you and you are likely to visit twice during your stay on Milos. If you want it for yourself, we recommend getting there early as this is a popular spot on the island.


The historic centre of the island, Plaka, is small but very lovely on the eye. With its tiny streets, it is worth a wander.

The main reason people come to Plaka though is to visit the Venetian Plaka Castle at sunset. With it located high above the island, it is a fantastic place to end the day. Though expect crowds, as far as crowds go in little Milos, as this sunset spot is well known by those who venture to the island.


If you like cute fishing villages, you have come to the right island. Klima is one of the largest old fishing villages you will find on Milos, but with it perfectly placed for sunset you will fall in love with this spot and its colourful huts. If you have the money, then it’s possible to rent one of the fishing huts (Peladas) as an Airbnb. It is our dream to return to Milos and stay in one, enjoying a glass of wine as the sun sets over Klima. But for now, if you are a budget traveller like us, there is a stunning open restaurant centrally located with beverages at a reasonable price.

Tip: Sunset here in Klima is not to be missed whilst on Milos.

Fyriplaka Beach

For the softest sand on the island, Fyriplaka is the place to be. Accompanied by a fascinating pink cliff towards the end of the beach, you will certainly spend a few hours here. There is a beach bar which sells drinks and some snacks. However, we recommend you pack lunch as there are no other options nearby.

Tsigrado Beach

Neighbouring Fyriplaka Beach, you’ll find the more adventurous Tsigrado. To reach this beach, you have to climb down a sequence of roped stairwells and rock faces. It can be dangerous, so if you aren’t confident in your low-level climbing ability, we would not recommend it. If you aren’t up for the climb down, the view from on top is worth a visit as it is an extremely pretty coastline.

If you do venture down, you are welcomed with a picturesque secluded beach with crystal clear water, high cliffs, cave systems and glistening coral. Don’t forget your snorkel, as this is the best spot for it on the island!


One of the lesser-visited swimming spots across the island is Papafragas. With its fascinating cliff faces and open-top cave systems, you will love investigating the waters here. The highlight is a large rock archway. We know you will love both swimming through this archway and jumping off it into the deep waters. That’s if you are brave enough!

the archway of papafragas at one of the best beach of Milos

Madrakia & Firopotamos

Mandrakia and Firopotamos are two small picture perfect old fishing villages along the north coastline of Milos. With their colourful fishing huts they make for a wonderful image. The story to these colours is that the paint was traditionally used as a sealant for the wooden huts. The fishermen would get their paint from the sailors when they visited the island, which was why they all varied in colour depending on where the ship had come from.

The view over one of the Greek Island Milos best beaches Kleftiko


Kleftiko is a special part of the island. It was an infamous pirate bay but is now known for the impressive white rock formations that come up from the seabed making it a rare geological phenomena. Unless you are willing to take on a 1.5 hour hike from the island’s monastery, this spot is only accessible by boat. A number of sailors undertake a tour to this spot, and to truly appreciate this part of the island there is no better way to experience it. Jumping into the pristine blue waters (potentially the bluest water we have ever seen) and swimming through the caved systems is the best way to explore this special bay. We visited this spot as part of a yacht cruise which we will discuss further on in this blog post.


Sykia is an old cave that has had its rooftop collapsed. It has formed into a round-shaped area with a small pebble beach. This large space, which is only accessible by boat, has to be seen to be appreciated. This spot was also part of our yacht cruise!

Milos Yacht Adventure

A trip to Milos is not complete without embarking on a yacht tour to explore the island’s coastlines. We booked this adventure with Oneiro Milos, and it truly lived up to being the #1 tour in Adamas on TripAdvisor. The captain of the yacht, Elias, is a local and throughout the journey, you can feel his love for his island and he will do everything in his power to make the trip amazing for everyone on board.

The adventure hugged the coastline from Adamas providing a sea view of a number of the picturesque fishing villages in the main bay before heading south. Continuing on, we travelled past different rock formations which were formed by volcano eruptions and rising lava. The journey, along with the very informative Elias, provides a view into the island that can’t be experienced from the shore. The trip varies based on the weather, but it generally stops for swimming at the main stops of Kleftiko, Sykia and Kalogries.

Not only does the trip provide a visual experience of the island, but the personal touches on the trip including freshly BBQ’d squid, Ouzo shots and fresh seafood pasta and Greek salad made from ingredients fresh from the captain’s garden, make it an experience you will never forget. We can honestly say we have never had a better meal with a view than on this trip. Please watch the video below as true evidence of this!

Transport in Milos

There are methods of transport for everyone on the island and we have looked to break down the details of each option below. In our opinion, the best option is to hire a quad as it allows for convenient access to the sites of the island and it’s also a lot of fun. But we will leave this decision with you.

ATV & Scooter

Milos has very little traffic with the main form of transport for both locals and tourists being on ATVs or scooters. The public transport is not overly regular and taxis are quite expensive, so in our opinion, this is the most fun and convenient way to explore the island. Some of the access roads to the beaches and fishing villages are non-paved and very narrow, making this option more suitable than a car. We hired our ATV through Niko’s Rentals, the vehicle was both in great condition and cheaper than competitors, so we definitely recommend them. Note that you require a motorbike license to hire a scooter in the Greek Islands, but only require a car license to hire an ATV.


A car is definitely a good solution if you have a lot of luggage to carry or aren’t confident about riding an ATV or scooter. Most of the island has normal roads making a car a great solution. It may get a little tight on the small roads heading down to some of the fishing villages, but we saw several cars taking on this journey so it is possible.

Public Transport (Bus)

If you don’t want the stress of having a vehicle, then there are public buses across the island. The schedule frequency varies on both location and the time of the year you visit Milos. The timetable for all routes for each period of the year is on the website Milos Buses, so check it out and see if this is suitable for your trip. If you do plan to use the buses, we recommend you base your accommodation in Adamas as this is the central hub for all buses.


Taxis are available on the island but are limited. They are also quite expensive with a trip from Adamas to Polonia around €20 as an example. This may be an option if you are travelling in a group of four. Contact details can be found on Milos Taxis.

Questions & Answers

We have started asking our following on Instagram to send in their questions about our adventure in advance of posting. If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to get in touch with us!

  • How long should we spend on Milos?
    We recommended you spend a minimum of 3 full days to truly take in this island. However, the more days you have, the more you will fall in love with this authentic beautiful island.
  • When is the best time to visit Milos?
    If you are looking for perfect weather with no risk, then peak season through June to August is for you. However, we visited in early September and we had no issues. The weather was hot but not unbearable as it can be peak summer, everything was a lot cheaper (accommodation and quad hire) and getting a table for dinner was no issue. We definitely recommend early September!
  • Which was your favourite beach?
    They are all unique so it’s hard to choose one! Sarakiniko is something special with its unique landscape, while Tsigrado is straight out of a dream with its soft sands.

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If you are looking for a summary of the best beaches in Milos, then be sure to check out our blog ‘Finding the Best Beaches in Milos‘.

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