A backpacker’s paradise

Think tropical jungles, pristine coastlines and active volcanoes with a bit of Latin spice. That’s what to expect when exploring the incredible region that is Central America.

This stretch has so much to offer travellers, with fitting experiences for any type of nomad. If you are into local cuisine, there are tons of delicacies to taste in every country. Adrenaline junkies can expect volcano boarding, scuba diving and jungle trekking to experience the beauty of nature first hand. Seeking a taste of the local lifestyle? You’re in for an absolute treat as slow life is embraced around this part of the world. Best of it all, Central America still holds a sense of remoteness and discovery that is hard to find these days.

Having made our way through all of the countries that make up Central America, while livin’ la Vida Loca for six months, we have quite some stories to share with you from this adventure.

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