Passport, tickets and a backpack…

That’s all we needed when we both started our solo adventure through Central America back in 2017. Somewhere halfway through our journey, our paths crossed in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle and the rest is history.

Three years later, we have now travelled to 25 countries together and are still counting. We’re writing this blog from our tiny apartment in Liverpool keen to let you in on some of our favourite adventures.

This blog is a source of inspiration for our fellow curious travellers, who enjoy long dusty road trips, a rush of adrenaline and a taste of local life.

Photographer / Graphic Designer / CopyWriter


I get to call Belgium home but currently living abroad in the UK. Back in 2014, I embarked on my first overseas trip to Peru and caught the infamous travel bug. So far, I've made my way through most of Europe, India, Canada and Central America.

When on the road, I'm always on the lookout for ancient cities, incredible nature and a taste of local life. I hold my Nikon D3300 close to snap whatever captures my attention.

Videographer / Website wizard / copyWriter


Born in Australia but been living and travelling overseas for the last 4 years. My family is a bunch of travellers, so you could say I was always destined to wander this wonderful world. So far I've been lucky enough to set foot on every continent except Antarctica, though that is a future goal!

When on the road, I'm always on the lookout for adventure, culture and any form of new experience. For me, the best way to capture these moments is on video. I look forward to being old and grey, looking back on all of these magnificent memories.


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How we travel


We travel cheap, so we can get the most out of our budget. Our savings are reserved for unforgettable experiences or supporting local initiatives. By skipping the fancy dinners and luxurious hotels, we are able to do trips all-year-round.


Respect for local traditions, communities and way of life stands central during our travels. We carefully consider spending our money on local initiatives rather than renowned travel companies. Whenever possible, we volunteer and get in touch with locals to hear their stories.


We're minimalists at heart and love living out of our backpacks. Hopping between hostels, making new friends and exploring at a slow pace is our favourite way to experience a country. We can't wait to set off on the next backpackers' trail.


With Europe at our feet, we've spent many spontaneous weekends hiking the Alps, sipping wine in Paris and road-tripping the UK. We've learnt to find joy and peace in those little getaways and are happy to share our tips on getting the most out of a quick weekend away.