With its narrow twisting streets, colourful buildings and fortified walls, you’ll find nothing like Albarracín anywhere else in Spain.

— Visited November, 2019

Looking up at the Cathedral of Albarraciin from the Plaza Major in Albarracin in Spain.

If you are looking to explore the Spanish countryside and see the less travelled parts of the country. Then look no further than the beautiful Albarracín. With its narrow twisting streets, colourful buildings and fortified walls, you’ll find nothing like it in Spain. Naming the prettiest village in Spain is a difficult task, but Albarracín may just have our vote! With it located only 2 hours from Valencia, it’s the perfect day trip to add onto your Spanish adventure.

Read on and enjoy… Albarracín: Guide to Exploring the Authentic City.

The view from the Catedral de Albarracín up to the city Wall in Albarracin in Spain.

Albarracín’s History

The region was populated during the Roman times, as represented by the Roman Aqueduct which runs from Albarracín to the Gea de Albarracín. However, the village that now sits here was first settled in the early 11th century as part of the Berber dynasty of the Banu Razin ruled under the Arab denomination of Alcartam.

Albarracin was conquered by the Almoravids (an imperial Berber Muslim dynasty) before then becoming an independent Christian lordship known as the Sinyoría d’Albarrazín established after the partition of the Taifa of Albarracín under the control of Pedro Ruiz de Azagra in 1167. The city was later conquered and became a part of the Kingdom of Aragon in 1284.

This unique history of Albarracín allows for the unique architecture that is found in this small Spanish village. Incredibly preserved, we recommend embarking on a local tour to properly absorb the complex history of this village.

Where to Stay in Albarracín

A trip to Albarracín is best enjoyed overnight so that you can wander the streets at night and enjoy the history in a different light. Some recommended accommodations around the village are provided below:

Low Budget – Hotel Atiana
Medium Budget – Hostal Sol de la Vega
Unique Accommodation – Casa De La Roca

The larger city of Teruel is also a popular stay when visiting Albarracín as it has more to offer with regards to restaurants and accommodation while still being close by. Our recommendations in Teruel are:

Low Budget – Fonda Del Tozal
Medium Budget – Apartamentos El Canonigo de Teruel


What to See in Albarracín

The village of Albarracín is only small, but we have no doubt you’ll spend hours marvelling at the sites as you explore both the lower streets and the high wall. Though the village could be rushed through, take your time and absorb the history while checking out for the places detailed below.

Plaza Mayor

The main square, where the City Hall is located, is a great place to start exploring this picturesque city. In the middle of the mazed streets, this spot provides a fantastic view up towards the Alcazar of Albarracín and the Catedral de Albarracín.

Looking up at the Catedral de Albarracín from the Plaza Major in Albarracin in Spain.

Catedral de Albarracín

The current 16th-century Catedral del Salvador de Albarracín sits on the remains of an old romanesque temple built during the 12th century. The Catedral de Albarracín was designed by Martin de Castañeda and Quinto Pierres Vedel and had a Gothic and Renaissance style. During the 18th century, the access and interior of the temple were renovated with Baroque elements changing the style of the cathedral.

Albarracín Castle

The Albarracín Castle (Alcazar of Albarracín) is situated in the centre of the original Islamic medina. The castle’s history is linked with the Banu Razin who originally inhabited this area. Archaeological works are slowly excavating the remains and opening the world to a fascinating history.

The City Wall

When you first arrive in Albarracín, the sheer span of the city wall in comparison to the city size brings great confusion. However, the history of the village provides an explanation. The original village is believed to have had a smaller wall around the Alcazar of Albarracín to defend itself from the Christians. But the wall that is now present was built by the Christians to defend the town from the Muslims. No matter the history, the view both up at the wall as it climbs the steep cliff or down on the city from the wall are both marvellous!

Walking the city wall above of the enchanting city Albarracin in Spain.

Get Lost in the Streets

The biggest charm when it comes to Albarracín is its streets. The colours, the touches of wood, the cobblestone streets; all of these features create such an authentic and stunning vision as you wander around on foot that we have no doubt you will fall in love.

Tip: The village is currently a bit of a hidden gem of Spain, not being too high on the tourist radar. So get here quick so you can experience it in its tranquillity, as we have no doubt this will be a tourist hotspot in the near future.

Follow the Guadalaviar River

If you are after some nature during your visit, the Guadalaviar River surrounds the village and makes for a splendid walk. The area is well known for magnificent hikes, and bouldering. But if you are looking for an easy stroll, take on the Paseo Fluvial (the Riverwalk). The path follows the river upstream from the main car park along elevated walkways, the forest floor, past charming rustic old homes, and ultimately results in a view of the town. One of the many ways to appreciate this fantastic village.

Getting to Albarracín

By Car

Getting too Albarracín by car is the easiest way of visiting this wonderful village. Albarracín is 40 minutes from Teruel and 2 hours from Valencia. With limited public transport, having your own vehicle gives you the flexibility to explore as long as you want!

By Bus

There is only one bus a day coming and going from Teruel to Albarracín from Monday to Saturday (no service on Sundays or holidays). The bus leaves from the Teruel Bus Station at 15:30 (3.30 pm). There is a returning bus leaving from Albarracín to Teruel at 08:30 (8.30 am). You will have to stay overnight if you use this option.

Note: This information is current as of 02/01/2020 from the following website.

By Taxi

It is possible to arrange a taxi from Teruel to Albarracín. This costs approximately €50 each way. It is best to contact a taxi company directly to organise transport in both directions.

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