Stonehenge is an incredibly fascinating place and a must-visit whilst in the United Kingdom. Read our guide to find out how to visit the site for free and avoid the expensive entrance fees.

— Visited in July, 2020

The view of stonehenge during a free visit

Stonehenge is an incredibly fascinating place and a must-visit whilst in the United Kingdom. The mystery around the site is fascinating and this is what brought us to this place. Whilst we were excited to visit, we felt it was a bit pricey (£20+) to visit something that is literally in the middle of an open field. Luckily enough we found out that there is a completely legitimate way to visit Stonehenge for free using public pathways!

So read on for the instructions on… How to Visit Stonehenge for Free!

Where to Park to See Stonehenge for Free

To visit Stonehenge for free, you want to park in Larkhill, which is just north of Stonehenge. Type the postcode ‘SP4 8NS‘ into your GPS and this will take you to Willoughby Road. Park near the junction of Willoughby Road and Fargo Road (shown as the red dot in the picture) and you’ll be ready to set out on foot from here!

From the parking spot, it is only 15-20 minutes to walk to Stonehenge.

Map of where to park to see Stonehenge for free

Where to Walk to See Stonehenge for Free

From the parking spot, the whole walk is only 15-20 minutes to Stonehenge! You’ll see a road blocked off by cars (shown in the picture). It may look slightly dodgy at the time but it’s a designated public right of way. Once through the gate, you’re on your way.

The entrance to visiting stonehenge for free

Once through the gate, just follow the path. It’ll change to a dirt track after the initial long straight trail which you continue on until you get your first view of Stonehenge!

Follow the path until you reach the junction with the paved entrance to Stonehenge (this is the paid entrance). Right next to the paid entrance (where the Stonehenge workers will be waiting for tickets) is a public gate (shown in the photo below). The guides for Stonehenge told us it was the correct entrance if you don’t have a ticket, so it is 100% legitimate.

The path you follow is right next to the paid track, it’s mind-blowing how close you are! The view you end up with is about 5 metres behind the paid view. The main difference is that you can only view from one side and don’t get to walk 360 degrees around the site. But for us, this provided the experience we were looking for and we hope it does for you as well.

You might get some questioning views from the people on the paid side of the fence, but never mind them! Enjoy your view and have a great time! Hope this is useful.

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