With so much variance across the island of Milos, there is a beach to suit everyone. Read on to find out the best beaches in Milos.

— Visited September, 2016 & September, 2020


The island of Milos is, without doubt, our favourite island in the Greek Archipelago (so far). There is just so much to love, with its wonderful landscapes and a feeling of pride amongst the locals. One of the highlights of the island has to be its beaches with so much variety across the island, there is a beach to suit everyone. Let us guide you through the best beaches in Milos and give you a look into your next summer adventure!

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We hope you enjoy… Finding the Best Beaches in Milos.

Best Beaches in Milos

As the beaches of the island vary in many different ways, it is worth noting that the order of beaches is completely subjective. What may not have been our favourite beach on the island could be your favourite. So the best thing to do is test them all out and let us know which one is your favourite after your trip!

#7 Ammoudaraki Beach

Ammoudaraki Beach Milos is a secluded beach on the west side of the island. This beach is best reached by boat unless you are up for the bumpy and rocky drive-in (advised to use a quad, not a car). Due to the reduced access to this beach, you are likely to have it all to yourself. The reason this beach made our list is that this is where we experienced the warmest waters of the whole island. Playing in the shallows genuinely felt like a warm bath and it was nothing but bliss.

#6 Firopotamos

Being a traditional fishing village, Firopotamos is a spot which combines the touch of crystal blue waters and bright colourful fishing huts perfectly. We could have laid there all day and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings. Firopotamos would feature in a list of both the best beaches and best villages in Milos. So it is definitely worth a visit while exploring the Greek island Milos.

#5 Papafragas

One of the less-visited swimming spots across the island is Papafragas. With its fascinating cliff faces and open-top cave systems, this spot had to be included on our list of the best beaches in Milos! The highlight of this place is a large rock archway which we know you will love exploring both in the water and also from the rock edge above.

#4 Kleftiko

Though we do question if Kleftiko can be classified as a beach, due to its beauty, it had to be included on our list of the best beaches in Milos. Infamous as a pirate bay, you will be mesmerised by the views of the surrounding white rock formations that reach up high from the seabed. Unless you are willing to take on a 1.5-hour hike from the island’s monastery, this spot is only accessible by boat. Several sailboats undertake a tour to this spot, and to truly appreciate this part of the island there is no better way to experience it! We embarked on the adventure with Oneiro Milos, being the #1 tour in Adamas on Tripadvisor, you know you have chosen the right captain. Potentially the bluest water we have ever seen, Kleftiko cannot be skipped during a trip to Milos.

#3 Fyriplaka

For the softest sand on the island, Fyriplaka is the place to be. Accompanied by a fascinating pink cliff towards the end of the beach, we have no doubt you will spend a few hours here. Whether you like lounging on beach chairs or simply laying out on a towel, there is an option for both. No matter what you choose, you will fall in love with this beach.

Tip: There is a beach bar which sells drinks and some snacks. However, we recommend you pack lunch as there are no other options nearby.

#2 Tsigrado

Neighbouring Fyriplaka Beach, you’ll find the more adventurous Tsigrado. To reach this beach, you have to climb down a sequence of roped stairwells and rock faces. Once through the obstacle course, you are welcomed with a picturesque secluded beach with crystal clear water, soft sand, high cliffs, cave systems and glistening coral. Don’t forget your snorkel, as this is the best spot for it on the island!

Note: It can be dangerous to reach the beach, so if you aren’t confident in your low-level climbing ability, we would not recommend it. The view from on top is worth a visit if you decide not to head down to the beach. This is a special piece of coastline.

#1 Sarakiniko

Our number one and the best beach in Milos is the famous Sarakiniko. In what can only be described as a moon-like landscape, this is a place that will forever stay in your memory. Whether you like exploring funky rock structures, jumping off tall cliff faces or even just lounging on warm surfaces, this place will leave an impression on you. We have never seen anything like Sarakiniko and this place was a big reason we revisited Milos for a second time.

Tip: If you want Sarakiniko to yourself, get there early as this is the most popular beach on the island.

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